Monday, November 05, 2007

That Warm Blue Glow You See on I-25 is Us

So we all loaded up this morning for our Big Road Trip. Waaaaaahhhh Hoooo!

If there is excessive, rambling, long-winded blogging today, you will know why. I have 12 hours until we get to Phoenix and enough battery chargers in here to power a space shuttle.

Every road trip causes Brad and I to think nostalgically about our formative years as road trip victims. You know, hour after merciless hour in the family station wagon. Seats down, fighting with siblings, car "games", blah blah blah.

But here we are in our techno-SUV and things really aren't that bad (that's probably what our parents thought in 1985.)

The kids are watching Star Wars on their DVD players WITH HEADPHONES ON THANK YOU LORD. The DeWalts (that is what Lilly calls us) are heavily, Starbuckily caffeinated and muffined. We also have our laptops, some kind of FANTASTIC mobile internet service, iPods, cellphones, various chargers, GPS (thank you, Bob & Brenda!) and wrist watches.

We are trying not to hang ourselves on all the cords.

Our 21st century kids totally DO NOT GET this whole road trip thing. We are just south of Colorado Springs and they have asked when we will be in Phoenix eleventy million thousand times.


They keep asking when we are getting on the plane. We have ruined them with too much air travel. You see, driving is just a means to get to the airplane. They believe in their heart of hearts that air travel is always involved.

I can see why they are confused. The distance from our house to the airport is a road trip itself which they have driven many times.

Jackson just said, "So are we going to Phoenix by plane or by car?" We are IN THE VEHICLE, FOLKS.

In his mind it is more feasible that we'd ride a speeder bike on the Forest Moon of Endor before we'd really DRIVE for 12 hours.

So, I'll sign off for now, before I can highlight some of the fantastic food we'll find on the road. (I did pack some mesquite-smoked turkey and havarti roll-ups in case the only option in town is a Jack-in-the-Box in which case I'd rather eat the crumbs out of the kids' carseats before I subjected myself to an e.coli scare.)

Oh, and here are some pictures I took with my Awesome Cellphone then emailed to the Awesome Laptop, which I am now blogging about. Seriously. That is pretty cool.

Only 10 more hours...

"They're not to Endor yet. Still on Dagobah. Is that all?"

"Mom, we won't be there for 60 YEARS!"

Blogging Till I Puke

That Brad, he's a Keeper!


Robin said...

I love it! Especially Brad picking his nose... and Lilly's ever-so-cute hair, decked out with pink flower and all for a 12-hour CAR TRIP!! I'm with you on that jack-in-the-box alternative... Miss you!