Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This is What you Might Call a Serious Lack of Blogging Mojoop

{I think I just proved my point, seeing as I was trying to type "Mojo"}.

Warning: All of the pictures you're about to see were taken 20 days ago.

I've been meaning to post them every single day since, but have been busy with things like cleaning out my office and finding tax returns from 2005, overdue library books, and warnings from the state patrol that my car registration is overdue and I will be led away in handcuffs next time I'm pulled over.

(If they can catch me, that is.)

So here is the first day of school:

Most of y'all know there is nothing on this earth I hate worse than a logoed t-shirt, but they were forced to wear them on the first day.

This of course, disrupts the deeply emotional process involved in selecting out the First Day Outfit.

But I am married to the winner of "Most School Spirit" {I wouldn't make that up} so he was thrilled.

Oh, speaking of The Mister, here he is at age 7. His alias is "Jackson."

Co-workers tell me that Brad sometimes strikes this pose after a successful meeting.

Or a great nap.

Now here is Little Miss Kindergarten:

You'll notice that since her t-shirt was a size XXXXL, we had to borrow some fashion tips from the local junior highers and work the rubberband trick in the back.

Lilly successfully scootered to school, then told me that she didn't have enough courage to ask her teacher where to put the scooter in her classroom.

Which, of course, forced me to ride it home.

After waiting for a few seconds, she reverted to the Lilly that we all know and love.

Now here she is with her friend, Audrey. They have sure shared some tender moments together.

I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping their little friendship will endure.

Because wouldn't these pictures be adorable when they are freshman in high school?

One last glance over the shoulder...

...and I'm on the scooter, zooming home.




Still processing that one...

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Guess Who Is Going to Kindergarten?!

My baby.

You know, that teeny tiny, baby girl that has no business being in school full-time?

But I think she'll like the dress-up center.

And I know snack-time will be a hit.

And her teacher already remembers her as "the one who sucks her thumb."

Luckily, she has lots of experience with school.

But my eyes get a little teary when I realize she is MUCH bigger than the lunchbox these days.

Oh, and this person is going to second grade.

They might as well throw my heart down on the ground and just trample it.

Or poison my least the pain would be over quickly and I would die contently caffeinated.

Those old wives who said, "Savor the moments, they go by so quickly," were on to something.

Except they forgot to mention that all the savoring and scolding and kissing and reminding and shaping and hand-holding and giggling and screaming and calming and cleaning and teaching and cuddling and clothing and feeding and squeezing would demand so much.

But they didn't tell me I'd love it this much, either.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Random is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

I honestly don't know what to say about this:

Except that I have never once {before last week} been to an upscale mall and seen a duck standing on top of two turtles right outside of Williams-Sonoma.

The only thing weirder would be turtle-duck-turtle.