Thursday, August 06, 2009

Guess Who Is Going to Kindergarten?!

My baby.

You know, that teeny tiny, baby girl that has no business being in school full-time?

But I think she'll like the dress-up center.

And I know snack-time will be a hit.

And her teacher already remembers her as "the one who sucks her thumb."

Luckily, she has lots of experience with school.

But my eyes get a little teary when I realize she is MUCH bigger than the lunchbox these days.

Oh, and this person is going to second grade.

They might as well throw my heart down on the ground and just trample it.

Or poison my least the pain would be over quickly and I would die contently caffeinated.

Those old wives who said, "Savor the moments, they go by so quickly," were on to something.

Except they forgot to mention that all the savoring and scolding and kissing and reminding and shaping and hand-holding and giggling and screaming and calming and cleaning and teaching and cuddling and clothing and feeding and squeezing would demand so much.

But they didn't tell me I'd love it this much, either.


Amy said...

This made me cry.... So sweet. I can't believe they're so old!

Dana said...

I thought of you this morning! Looking forward to pictures of the first day.....and the random event of the day.

jen@odbt said...

We just went school supply and clothes shopping today...I can't believe that 2 of my 3 kids will be in school all day. This is what I thought I wished for but it's tough...I like having them home. Good luck with the first day.

allison said...

I can't believe both of them will be in school! I will cry for you! I get sad thinking of Ford going and I still have 4 years! I hope they both love it!

Donna's Book Nook said...

They do grow up quickly--I hate to tell you it will only accelerate from here on. Your pics are precious and you have adorable kids to love and enjoy! Donna

Holly said...

okay Ive had to look at this post multiple times because I JUST CANT believe Lilly is in kindergarten... Good thing we are still the same age right?!? AND I miss her chubby thighs and stutter.

Julie said...

You have a way with words...and pictures! I usually laugh my head off when I read your blog, but this one tugged at the heartstrings! I'm an emotional roller coaster right now!! You explained exactly how I feel. :)

the Provident Woman said...

What cuties. My oldest just started 1st grade and my middle one started preschool. So sad.