Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This is What you Might Call a Serious Lack of Blogging Mojoop

{I think I just proved my point, seeing as I was trying to type "Mojo"}.

Warning: All of the pictures you're about to see were taken 20 days ago.

I've been meaning to post them every single day since, but have been busy with things like cleaning out my office and finding tax returns from 2005, overdue library books, and warnings from the state patrol that my car registration is overdue and I will be led away in handcuffs next time I'm pulled over.

(If they can catch me, that is.)

So here is the first day of school:

Most of y'all know there is nothing on this earth I hate worse than a logoed t-shirt, but they were forced to wear them on the first day.

This of course, disrupts the deeply emotional process involved in selecting out the First Day Outfit.

But I am married to the winner of "Most School Spirit" {I wouldn't make that up} so he was thrilled.

Oh, speaking of The Mister, here he is at age 7. His alias is "Jackson."

Co-workers tell me that Brad sometimes strikes this pose after a successful meeting.

Or a great nap.

Now here is Little Miss Kindergarten:

You'll notice that since her t-shirt was a size XXXXL, we had to borrow some fashion tips from the local junior highers and work the rubberband trick in the back.

Lilly successfully scootered to school, then told me that she didn't have enough courage to ask her teacher where to put the scooter in her classroom.

Which, of course, forced me to ride it home.

After waiting for a few seconds, she reverted to the Lilly that we all know and love.

Now here she is with her friend, Audrey. They have sure shared some tender moments together.

I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping their little friendship will endure.

Because wouldn't these pictures be adorable when they are freshman in high school?

One last glance over the shoulder...

...and I'm on the scooter, zooming home.




Still processing that one...


Michele said...

I have a 15 month old...he's truly charming I think you'll find! If you ever want to borrow him, just let me know!

Holly said...

okay I laugh everytime I am reminded about Brads "most school spirited" award, and not because I dont believe it!

And whatever happened to those flower looking plastic clips with slots in them used to tie up triple-x shirts on cute kindies???

Carrie said...

Jackson's backpack looks gigantic in that one picture, how can it be full on the first day of school?

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, I'm totally crying reading this for two reasons... YOU WERE ALONE!!!! And two, I MISS THEM!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I might not see them for a year!!!!! Oh my gosh what I wouldn't give for a Jackson or Lilly hug right now. Big. Lump. In. My. Throat. BOOOOO HOOOO!!!

Julie said...

I've been dying to know how everything went for you Lilly's liking it, how YOU are liking your free time. I've been mostly strong about Ben going, but have had my moments for sure!!! It does help with Ayla still being home. The one time I really cried was when I dropped him off and didn't have her in the car with me and I was alone. Sigh. He is LOVING kindergarten though. That helps!

Carrie said...

Now that the kids are in should have lots of time to veg at Starbucks and blog! ;)

Let it Shine said...

Your kids are precious.
I saw your blog and that you put "Juggler" as an ocupation and had to see who wrote that :)
I feel the same way :)

Take care,