Saturday, November 03, 2007

Spit it Out, Now!

In very important Starbucks news, they have added a new sugar-free flavor. Many of us have been loyally campaigning for this for some time now.

But the bad news is that it's gross. Sugar free Gingerbread. Blehhhhhhhhh...YUCK.

When the barista offered it to me before it had been added to the official menu I shook with joy. No Red Cup yet, but a new sugar-free flavor would do. This was my big moment!

But, NO. It was really terrible. I can't even describe the flavor but I would warn you against trying it. Toothpastey, minty, aftertasty...UGH. Couldn't hardly swallow!

Some are critical of the sugar free ordering in the first place. I admit, I don't do it because I adore the taste. If you've noticed my slight obsession with food, this is just another way of having something I love without having to add extra mileage to the weekly running total.

Since I have to constantly check myself to make sure my water intake is greater than my coffee intake, it's time to think about SUGAR FREE. (But not decaf...oh no. Not when I was pregnant, and most certainly NOT NOW.)

The sugar-free gingerbread was so bad that I asked (made) Holly go back up to the counter and get me a SF NF XH NW vanilla latte.

Aaaaaahhhhhh, much better.

At which point Mr. Barista conveniently mentioned that he didn't like it either.