Friday, November 09, 2007

I Have Sooooooo Much To Do

I'm taking a break from Vacation Talk to clear the air about my blogging sickness.

More than one well-meaning person has asked me, "So how do you have all this TIME to blog? And on top that, how in heaven's name do you have time to watch ALL THAT TV and then blog about it?"

I can really appreciate those people who are so organized and with it, that when the going gets tough, they make lists! Then they cross stuff off the lists! Ooohhhhh, doesn't that feel good?

To me, it does not. Lists don't motivate me one bit. I feel complete freedom to throw the list in the trash or make a new list the next day of all the Items of Drudgery I was supposed to accomplish the day before.

You know, creativity really starts to flow when you're under pressure.

Think about college...didn't we all have the MOST fun when a huge test was looming, but we'd rather do anything but cave into the pressure and study? And maybe, just maybe, we found out Tom Jones was in concert, so we gathered some delinquent friends and rushed out to buy concert tickets? Maybe we were the only ones there under 60, but we dutifully screamed and hob-nobbed with senior citizens. Who on earth would do something so crazy?

Because hey, if I studied and didn't do well, I didn't have much of an excuse. I was just dumb. But if I was so busy that I couldn't possibly get to the studying, then I had a GREAT excuse for that "C" I just made. (This is very hypothetical, of course.) My calendar was packed! I was very busy seeing Tom Jones Live In Concert so studying was, unfortunately, just not a possibility. Bummer. Maybe next time.

Even now, things don't change one little bit. I barely get a sense of satisfaction from doing the laundry because the minute I attempt to clear out just ONE of the hampers, Someone Small will change clothes for the twelveteenth time that day.

But when I read people's blogs I am totally BUSY and have a reason NOT to attack dishes, dirty floors or whatever other cleaning tasks await me. And if I happen to click over to check the bank account or pay bills, then HEY! I was multi-tasking like CRAZY and couldn't be bothered to re-organized the play room.

Blogging really is for busy people, don't you think?


Tricia said...

I could not agree more. Well said, undoubtedly.

I have to go now - I am checking my email and blogging at the same time.