Saturday, November 10, 2007

Small Step for Momkind


I have made progress in my lifelong mission to sit poolside and read a magazine while the kids swim.

(Really, all we have done on this trip is swim and eat so I'm working hard to come up with new angles.)

Anyway, today I sat by the side of the pool and held a magazine. I kept trying to read it, wanting to read it, but with Lilly's confidence level being that of a swimming gold medalist and her actual ability being that of a three year-old, I just couldn't seem to look down.

Once I recklessly glanced down to see the Christmas tree of my dreams, but then Lilly started doing her "monkey hanging from a tree limb" stunt on the noodle and I knew I couldn't dedicate the time to studying ornament placement and color scheme that the article deserved.

So I will wait. Someday in the future I will casually page through a magazine. Someday so far down the road I might even read a novel (or a really thick stack of magazines.)

But Neil Armstrong didn't land on the moon on his first space shuttle ride, either.