Monday, November 19, 2007

P'Jammin with Santa

The only reason we'd dress in pajamas in mid-November and head to the local mall is to see Mr. Claus. This is his official "arrival" at the mall and this year, he gave us the pleasure of coming right to our very own food court in his red, plaid trap-door pj's.

Jackson and Lilly of course were super excited and having unlimited milk and cookies sure helped.

Lilly whoops it up as we throw down some cookies:

Lilly puts the choke-hold on Lauren:

The "entertainment," to use a loose term, was a little substandard. Mrs. Claus was onstage teaching the kids versions of "Jingle Bells" that I'm okay never hearing again because they mentioned Taco Bell over and over and over again.

At the risk of jeopardizing her career for a sight gag, here she is:

Sorry about the pictures being less-than-stellar quality, but I had to right-click and copy them from an online photo service because (hold your surprise) I brought my camera (progress) but it was not charged (more of the same.)

But my dear friend bailed me out. Again.

The big moment with Santa:

Lilly asked for a candy-cane mouse. Say what? As she later explained to us (and hopefully Santa Claus because I am under heavy suspicion that he has never heard of such thing) it is simply a mouse with stripes like a candy cane.

If I ever see such a creature within a 100 foot radius of our house I will freak out and blame Lilly.

Jackson asked for moon sand after Tyson gave a lengthy and ridiculous explanation of its fictional properties. Ty then laughed hysterically at the thought of setting Brad & I up for Santa failure before the calendar even flips to December.

Thanks, Ty!