Saturday, November 10, 2007

Obligatory Post About Food

Just when I thought I had a handle on all things wonderfully fall and pumpkiny, I entered Cold Stone Creamery.

The kids were begging for some ice cream and it does seem like the perfect desert on a hot summer night amongst palm trees in November. When in Rome...

In we walked and my Pumpkin Radar spotted the pumpkin ice cream immediately. Well, of course, I'll be having a sample of that. Then, the guy behind the counter proceeds to tell me about Pumpkin Pie in the Sky. I Like to think of myself as a conisseur of fine pumpkin desserts and let me tell you, this was KILLER.

Pumpkin ice cream, graham crackers, caramel, nuts, and chocolate chips. (It's supposed to have whipped cream, but I'm not really a fan, so I subbed for the chocolate. Of course.) It was like eating a cool pumpkin cheesecake. With chocolate.

I am still recovering.

Even Jackson had some. I have known that child a long time and never seen him order any flavor other than chocolate. Ever. So, there's your proof.

Lilly, following in my mad camera skillz, took this photo of the dessert:

She also captured Jackson's delight as he expanded his ice cream repetoire by one flavor.

Now, for the big news. The Grand Lux.

The kids and I headed out to the mall to scope things out and round up some fun. If you're not familiar, Scottsdale has one of the finest malls around. In fact, the word "mall" is a little demeaning. It's more of a "shopping experience unparalleled by any other" (in my price range or limited travel experience, anyway).

So, there she was. The Mother Ship of restaurants. I was expecting a huge wait and not wanting to totally bore the kids, I thought I'd just check into the wait time, then walk away disappointed until the Denver location opens at the end of the month.

I totally did not notice the huge SPOTLIGHTS in the parking lot announcing the grand opening. When I asked how long they'd been open, the trembling employees replied, "Two hours."

Apparently word hasn't gotten out about the greatness of this dining fantasy, so the restaurant was wiiiiiiide open. We took our seats on the patio, which in and of itself, makes for a great night.

The kids got those Wiki Stix (these bendy, slightly sticky 6-inch sticks), which are none other than the greatest invention to pass time at restaurants. Jackson and Lilly played with them so much that they barely ate their dinner. We had an entire army of carefully crafted (but unidentifiable to the untrained eye) Star Wars fighter ships and misshapen bendy people lined up at the table.

Before we were even seated I started embarrassing myself by gushing about the Asian Nachos and how I'd been dreaming about them since I first encountered them in 2005 and this was the moment I'd been waiting for and could you please bring them out NOW?!?!


I regained composure and even did something I've never done before. I asked them to bring out the take home box with the nachos. Because, you see, I don't trust myself. The nachos serve NINE, but I know that I am fully capable of licking the plate clean.

So I had two, then packed the rest away. It worked out nicely because I've been able to enjoy them everyday and just like pizza, they are just as good right out of the fridge.

What are these rare and beautiful creatures, you ask? Well, start with a light and crispy wonton. It's topped with some of that peanutty thai sauce, tender chicken, and some cheesey, saucy, crushed peanuts, and creamy SOMETHING else. Sorry, that is the best I can do.

You really have to taste it. Spicy, sweet, crunchy, and creamy ALL in one heavenly bite.

Hold on. I have to go eat one right now.


Robin said...

Sounds like you're all starving to death and having a terrible time. Hurry back to Denver...