Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just Keep Swimming

Well, today we ventured out to swim. And when I say we swam, we swam.

Most people say their kids are part fish, but dear readers, my children are ALL FISH. I believe their father was Nemo and their mother was The Little Mermaid. (Creepy sounding, maybe, but I have no other explanation.)

So picture us on the lazy river...the elderly--and they are MANY in Airzona this time of year--are leisurely floating around on their tubes. Talking, laughing, relaxing.

Then there was us.

Lilly and Jackson abandoned the inner tubes in about 2 seconds. Lilly realized she could touch with her tiptoes and proceeded to SWIM through the lazy river. Sure, she was gently pushed along by the current, but she spent most of her time kicking hard with her little head buried underwater, blowing bubbles with all her might. She self-propelled for a good 2 laps.

If my calculations are correct, that is longer than Brad and I swam in our triathlon.

I am seriously calling the U.S. Olympic Committee to sign her up with the swimming equivalent of Bela Karolyi. She might be the next Janet Evans except she is so silly that she might be tough to motivate.

The elderly were trying to make thoughtful conversation with us ("How's the snow in Denver?" snort snort) but we had to be a little bit rude because we were blazing through with hellfire on our heels. I have never been part of a less-relaxing lazy river ride.

Jackson spent the better part of the day launching his torpedo through the water and swimming for it with sonar-esque accuracy. (I'm not sure if that is the correct use of "sonar" but it sounds very technical and watery, so I'm rolling with it...)

If Lilly threw the torpedo in too easy of a location, he would yell, "LIL! That was tooo easy. RE-DO!"

I only had to jump in once to rescue Lilly (fully clothed and dry, but I was pretty much expecting it, so no big deal.) Of course, that was the first news she delivered to Brad tonight.

"Dad, today I almost drained."