Monday, November 19, 2007

And Then Brad Forced me to Watch "Talladega Nights"

As you know, this is Turkey Week! We are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner over at the humble abode along with Turkey Bowl III.

One of my favorite newer Thanksgiving traditions is playing football Thursday morning and finishing it off with breakfast burritos. (Very important to get the metabolism up and running.)

To clarify, I enjoy letting the guys play football while I alternate drinking coffee and hot chocolate while talking with friends. Nothing better.

So, last night I sat down and made a detailed to-do list in order to be ready by Thursday:

*defrost turkey
*clean house
*work on centerpiece
*glitter pumpkins
*clean glitter out of every crack & crevice of kitchen
*find candle votives
*make cornbread
*make biscuits
*make pies
*clean out fridge
*deliver a baby gift
*help with school T-Day parties
*fold Mayflower place cards
*home staging appointment
*work on Awana verses
*plan music
*clean off washer/dryer so I can wash clothes
*grocery store run
*Costco trip
*plan creative thankfulness sharing
*clean up desk
*pay bills in order to shop on Friday
*respond to 10 million emails in In Box

After a good, against-the-wind run this early this morning, my head was clear and I was ready to attack the day.

Armed with my impressive time-management skills, which I perfected in college while eating obscene volumes of queso and planning the next luau, I promptly spent all day MAKING OUR FAMILY CHRISTMAS CARDS.

Now I am summarizing my time-savvy habits by blogging, which is the picture of efficiency.

I also barely managed to squeeze into my very full schedule a few moments to watch "Dancing with the Stars" UN-TiVOed because who, OH WHO, will go the finals...please let it be Helio, Jennie, and Marie!!!

Perhaps tomorrow I will start on the to-do list. Or maybe I will finally get motivated to send out some change-of-address cards from the move back in June.

I am nothing if not a work horse.