Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It is Not a Road Trip Without Some DQ

On the long, barren, slightly boring drive home, we stopped at the glamorous Dairy Queen of Raton, New Mexico to do some market research.

For those of you in West Texas, I SERIOUSLY considered just making a teeny weeny right turn and heading towards Clayton and SURPRISING y'all late tonight and thinking of all the WILD FUN we could have this week together! It would be so ridiculously irresponsible!

But then I thought that our posse arriving around midnight would be more SCARY than fun, and I have a staging appointment tomorrow, and the kids have school...which made we want to come EVEN MORE and solidify my title as Procrastinator Supreme!!! But my "maturity" kicked in...

So there we were at the DQ and I felt that in all fairness to Cold Stone Creamery, I should probably get the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard. Just to, you know, compare notes and all.


And in our long-standing tradition of forgoing dinner to get right to dessert, Brad and I nonchalantly passed on the hamburgers to get right to the Blizzard. We tried not to be too obvious while the kids were eating their corn dogs and applesauce and we were swapping bites of Pumpkin Pie and Oreo/Snickers Blizzard.

My, they were good.

That said, I would give the Pumpkin Pie in the Sky a definite nod over the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard. The DQ version just didn't have enough texture and crunchiness, although the pumpkin taste was excellent. ("We use that pumpkin stuff you put in pies," the register girl informed me.)

And then I took Lilly potty.

And the restroom at this particular DQ was RIGHT in the front by the counter. And the door was propped open. You know, convenient.

So there Lilly sat. And broke into song:

"There was a girl who had a poop,
and Bingo was his name-o.
Poop, poop, N-G-O
Poop, poop N-G-O..."