Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just to Clarify...

It has come to my attention based on my Christmas decorating post that some of y'all out there think my house looks like some sort of creepy St. Nick's on steroids bursting at the gills with themed Christmas trees and gold silk poinsettias on every flat surface. Something about that "9 trees" comment...

Well, here's the deal. Only TWO of the Christmas trees are remotely full-sized. One is clearly undersized (see previous post for family room issues) and the other is a quite slim kitchen tree that fits neatly into a tiny corner so that I may look upon it and its adorable ornaments while I am chained to the Kitchen-Aid, faced buried in cookie batter.

The kids each have a tree in their rooms (bottom half decorated quite nicely) and another plain tree resides on the front porch.

My favorite tree of all is a little 18 inch model that holds all of the homemade ornaments from the kids. This includes an upside down baby Jesus in the manger and Jackson's head super-imposed as an angel.

It is well-documented that I am no Martha, but I am also proud to say I do not have any theme trees displaying Santa in his argyle fishing waders. Likewise, there is not a 3-foot resin Santa riding his Harley to see the Baby Jesus in my foyer.

The front yard doesn't have one of those "Santa Land Here" lighted strips flanked by reindeer and enough inflatables to cause the sod to take flight, although I can point you to quite a few close by.

It's just that I like lights, greenery, and trees. And admittedly, I historically have an affinity for the gaudy (just ask my parents.)

Halfway through the decorating saga, I realized that just because I own it, doesn't mean I have to display it. Epiphany, for sure.

So, my two favorite berry wreaths are still in the basement. They had a prominent place in our other houses, but I just can't find the perfect spot here.

The plant ledge remains empty and the garland I thought would be perfect for the mantel looks slightly "Little Shop of Horrors" overgrown.

On of my favoritest bloggers, BooMama, is having a Christmas Tour of Homes, so if me and my notoriously awful camera skillz can get it together, I'll take and post some pictures of the highlights (or lowlights if it's not your thing) of the casa.


Jill said...

I came upon your blog during the bloggity giveaway and I've never left. I love the way you write and your love for the Lord. Have a blessed holiday season and keep up the wonderful funny blogging. Jill