Friday, November 23, 2007

Oh My Heavens It Was Good

There are no words to describe the taste-bud overload that was our Thanksgiving Feast. I mean, we had at least three varieties of casserole, two varieties of potatoes, and no less than three varieties of pie.

I believe there were vegetables of sorts, but I really didn't have time or stomach space to figure out for sure.

My new favorite is Robin's Corn Casserole, which I caught myself eating with the serving spatula both during the meal and during clean up...aka Dinner Part II.

The sleeper hit of dessert was Gran's Chocolate Cream Pie. The richness and creaminess is unparalelled. There are no leftovers...because I finished if off during Dinner Part II.

Awesome fun at the kids table:

Do you love how I am modeling good eating habits by pretending to serve up a HUGE plate of delicious salad? I believe I only ate one bite because he who eats salad when sweet potatoes doused with brown sugar, coconut, and pecans are available is a FOOL.

The adults were collectively disappointed when our stomachs reached capacity far ahead of our taste buds. But fear not, we forged on into gluttony.

Without a doubt, it was great to celebrate Thanksgiving with good friends and good food. We played my mother-in-law's thankfulness game, which was very entertaining. The best part was the half-dozen suggestions each person got to help them realize what they were thankful for.

The evening was polished off in super classy style by watching Elf, playing corn hole, and eventually laying down, very very still as so not to disrupt the grandiose digestion project in my stomach.