Monday, October 22, 2007

Scarecrow Day

Since Jackson is off-track for three weeks (thanks to year-round school here in Colorado) the class had a Scarecrow Day last Friday. The kids dressed up as scarecrows, got their faces painted, bobbed for apples, and ate caramel corn.

I was decidedly Out-Mommed by certain ladies who thought to use duct tape to add raffia and straw to their kids' costumes. Some even used snow bibs to create overalls complete with scarecrowish patches, hay and straw hats.

Jackson, on the other hand, was wearing a shirt two sizes too small that I made fit by rolling up the sleeves. I talked him into wearing his jeans with holes under the guise of, "The crows nibbled at your knees!" That was my best shot at creativity.

Party Crasher and Jackson

Lilly was a fine junior assistant (under threat of death) and had the teacher saying ridiculous things like "She can just come in and be part of our class anytime she wants to." Right.

When it's her turn for these festivities, she will be dressed in full Scarecrow Regalia. Must be nice to be the second child.


Brenda said...

I LOVE those pictures! That Jackson has the sweetesst face! And Lilly always cracks me up. I do so love those children! You are such a good mom!
Blessings today.