Thursday, October 25, 2007

Prince Charming

Have you met him? I had a date with the sweetest 5 year-old boy EVER.

Being as we both like sporty things, we went on a joint bike ride/run along the Cherry Creek trail.

He rode, I ran.

He stopped to stuff leaves in his plastic bag and throw rocks in the creek. I stopped to gasp for air and give him high fives.

Have you seen how big he is? (But he still wears a Finding Nemo bike helmet.)

Have you heard him laugh? The smallest joke or silliest voice makes him grab his tummy and wobble on his bike with an infectious giggle.

Have you seen him read? Every sign along the way.

Jackson means, "God is gracious." Understatement of the year!


Brenda said...

I agree--sweetest 5 year old ever! Loved this blog!