Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Even More Proof

I will also report that I very responsibly took the kids to get flu shots this weekend. Before the Halloween festival. Stupid, stupid me.

It may sound cold and callous, but I started laughing when Jackson went into hysterics over his shot.

I bravely modeled "not crying" while I got mine. Then Lilly saw an eensy, weensy drop of blood and started screaming things like, "I don't want a flu shot! I AM GOING TO DIE!"

I then handed a trembling, teary Jackson a Green M&M of Bravery to chew while he got his shot. Clearly he didn't swallow it, because one second after he got pricked (and that's all it is, people!) that green M&M came flying out of his mouth in half-digested chunks. All over me.

Based on the amount of shrapnel, you'd think he swallowed an entire 2 pound bag.

The kids kept asking, "Why doesn't Daddy need a flu shot?" and I had to preserve his dignity and say something like, "He is so tough and his immune system is so strong that he doesn't need one." I cannot burst their bubble by telling them he doesn't believe in preventative care.

They will know soon enough.