Monday, October 29, 2007

Identity Protection Program

I have this little site monitor called "Feedburner" that I set up so that rabid fans of Jackson and Lilly can be immediately notified any time new info about them is posted.

Feedburner does all kinds of other cool stuff, but truth be told, I really don't know what. I would explain what I don't understand, but it's super-techie stuff about feeds and site visits and who knows what.

I can barely work my own blog.

However, there is a section that tells me when people find the blog through a web search.

My intended audience is People Who Know Me--NOT STRANGERS. I know other bloggers who have changed their kids' names and never show pictures of their faces to shun creepy internet freaks. That would pretty much defeat my stated purpose of Long Distance Communication Involving Pictures of The Kids.

So...I was aimlessly clicking around on Feedburner, trying to make some semblance of meaning from all their over-my-head blogger jargon.

As best I can interpret, several people have found my site after googling "spanking", "spanking spoon", and (my favorite) "did the Osmonds spank their kids?" I was the EIGHTH hit on that one--just try it!!!

While I am free and easy to admit spanking takes place in our house, I DO NOT want to be known for this tactic. Especially since some states are thinking of OUTLAWING it.

So, if anyone asks, I am 5'4", with dark hair and changing the blog name to On the Lam.