Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Field Trip

Jackson solidified his status as an official kindergartner by partaking of his first ever field trip. The class ventured to Miller Farms, a working farm in Longmont (read: far away) that also generates money through agrotourism. Meaning, kids pay to go harvest their vegetables for them!

I was a little sad to see the joy on these kids faces to find out that Corn Actually Grows On A Stalk! Apparently they thought it was manufactured at a plant in China like everything else at Super Target. Jackson's favorite parts of the day were picking the onions, potatoes, carrots, and pumpkins. Of course, he assured me that he would not actually be eating any of those foods.

The kids also got to play on a HUGE hay bale tower (no fatalities, I'm glad to say) and the obligatory inflatable creations. Jackson rated the bus ride only a C+, mostly due to boredom. Thankfully, a neighbor and I got to ride up there in the comfort of our own car, Starbucks in hand.

Katelyn, Merich, & Jackson Jackson & Liam on the hayride
J at a birthday party