Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rut (I Mean Gut) Buster

Yesterday, Twinkies made their unhealthy (but trans-fat free!) debut in our house.

For a foodie, I can be especially low-brow from time to time. Like last night.

Bored with our usual dinner-with-friends routine, ("You bring the salad, we'll make dessert") we decided to stir the pot a little bit.

Broken into 4 teams of two, each group rolled the 24-sided Scattergories dice. Each team had a $10 budget to buy food for dinner starting with their letter.

It had to be readily edible (e.g. the "f" team couldn't buy flour because, well...) and have the designated letter in either the brand name or actual item.

So we descended on Super Target with 5 minutes and $10 each. You cannot buy quality or health in that time.

You can, however, carbo load and get fat. Which we did.

Here is what we bought:

B team: Bread, chef Boyardee ravioli, Baked Beans, Big pack mac & cheese

C team: Cheese sticks (mozzarella), Corn dogs

D team: DiGiornio pizza, Dora soup, Dark chocolate, Dibs (ice cream)

T team: Tostitos chips, Tostitos salsa, Twinkies

We chose not to take up valuable stomach real estate with whole grains or protein. But we did cover our fried food and sugar quotas through 2009.


Brenda said...

What a fun evening! I am going to suggest it and see if I get any takers from our small group. I am loving your blog.