Monday, October 08, 2007

Nip in the Air

As a Colorado resident, I officially reserve the right to blog endlessly about the amazingness of fall. I am not trying to belittle or mock my Texas readership, but I want to gently remind them that fall is NOT 90-degree football games with the elderly passing out from heat stroke.

The Midwesterners can argue a strong case for beautiful leaves changing colors, but we have the Rocky Mountains. Check mate.

Waking up before dawn this morning, I checked our thermostat and it read 60. Now that, my friends, is crispy. Tucking in the kids last night, we pulled out the down comforters and snuggled them in. Turning the heat on signifies surrender and we are not there yet.

I should clarify: we tried to be there. Last night, Brad turned on the heat upstairs and not 30 seconds later, I smelled smoke. Actually, before I smelled smoke, I couldn't help but hear (along with our entire neighborhood) the sound of our smoke detectors going off. This was the maiden voyage of our heating system and I'll be the first to tell you something is definitely not working.

Usually Brad will pour all of his Manhood and Ability to Tinker with Stuff on the line and figure it out. However, after the Great Sewer Mishap of June we are not messing with anything.

(For those of you that didn't hear/smell...after we moved in this past June and had lived here a mere WEEK, I ran the washing machine. That prompted our sewer line to back up ankle-deep in the basement underneath our furnace, thus projecting the smell of human waste everywhere. Not to mention ruining my favorite pair of flip flops. Ever.)

After many thousands of dollars exchanged hands, we signed our lives away and promised the builder never to speak of it again. Except on this blog. Oops.

So my chilly fingers are carefully typing while my feet are tucked into some fabulous cable-knit slippers I bought on sale at the Gap last Christmas. Our house sits up on a hill, and there is nothing better than looking out our bedroom window at a blinding pink sunrise over the clear Colorado sky.

In a few minutes, the kids will come down in their robes and force me to make oatmeal and hot chocolate to warm them up. (Ok, it will be my idea.)

I LOVE fall!