Monday, October 01, 2007

But does He wear a shirt?

Lilly continues to be the most hysterical kid I've met (if I do say so myself). Just when I think she is "normal" she'll bust out with all kinds of crazy things that make us all have to leave the room because we're laughing so hard.

Last night we were all talking about how we don't want to be silly when we're talking about Jesus. Meaning, we wanted Lilly to stop singing things like:
"Jesus doesn't love me,
this I don't know,
for the Bible doesn't tell me so."

So then she started saying all the things we shouldn't say about God. "Yeah," she said, "Don't ever say things silly about God. Like, that silly God, he doesn't wear pants. That would not be nice."

She said, "People should not sing things like:
(to the tune of Happy Birthday)
"Happy Birthday to you,
It's not really your birthday, Lilly,
I don't even love you,
Happy Birthday to you."



Robin said...

maybe it's time for a refresher course in child psychology :o)