Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Reader Questions

Q: Are you going to change the title of your blog to "All About Pumpkins?"
A: No

Q: Which parts of your house haven't had warranty issues?
A: To our knowledge, the frame, but admittedly, it could be rotting this very second. Everything else (refrigerator, cooktop, furnaces, fireplaces, sewer pipes, washer/dryer hookups, windows, door locks, thermostat, siding leaks, garage door) has had issues. We've also had concrete re-poured in the basement and garage.

This is not a charming 1920's fixer upper.

Q: What do you mean by "minor explosion?"

Q: Can you post pictures of Lilly's French Bakery room?
A: The perfectionist in me is screaming, "It has not achieved show-home Architectural Digest quality yet!" The practical girl in me says, "Don't spend another dime on it!" However, I will have a photographer friend take some pictures that can hopefully do it justice.

Q: When will you blog more about running?
A: Soon. When someone invents a device that can take all of the very deep and exciting thoughts I have while running and transcribe them to the blog, I'll be in business.

If you want to buy me an iPhone until such mechanism is invented, I will graciously settle.

Q: Is your kitchen pink?
A: No. The color is a Sherwin-Williams tint called "Reddish." So yes.