Wednesday, October 10, 2007


For Jackson's kindergarten class and Lilly's Cubbies class, it was our turn to bring snack. So throwing the practicality of convenient, pre-packaged, individually-sized snacks to the wind, I made cupcakes. Homemade. With cute pumpkin wrappers. Orange and yellow sprinkles. Candy Corn.

There is something about sending cupcakes to school with my children that tells me I am doing something in these murky parenting waters correctly. My Mom Card gets stamped.

Many aspects of motherhood were thrust into my lap without notice or caution, but bringing snack (on the designated day, no less!) is something about which I had fair warning based on extensive personal experience with elementary school.

So many elements of parenting are harder to wrap my arms around: teaching siblings to become lifelong friends, developing a heart of unselfishness, demonstrating sacrificial love.

And then there are cupcakes.

I can do this! I have no clue how to effectively instill self-control, generosity, and Christ-likeness into my kids, but BY GOLLY I CAN BAKE!!!!

I am thankful God gives me small victories.