Saturday, December 08, 2007

Possibly the Blurriest and Lowest Quality Pictures to Date

For her birthday, Lilly was blessed with a visit to Disney Princesses on Ice from her buddy, Lauren.

It was pretty amazing, as you can tell from this gorgeous picture of Cinderella and Prince Charming:
The girls loved every moment and even the adults were pretty taken in by the awesome skating and storylines. That might seem sarcastic (ahem) but I really do love Disney on Ice and want to continue this tradition every year.

This was Lilly's stance for most of the show...drinking juice out of Ariel's head and waving her Tinkerbell twirly thing in the air:
I would like to give a quick shout-out to our friends, Katie & Sydney, who gave the Tinkerbell twirly thing to Lilly for her birthday. They were selling these for TWENTY DOLLARS AMERICAN MONEY at the show.

For a brief moment I considered selling Lilly's for a small profit to finance some gut-busting pizza and Coke, but thought better of it.

I did have to hide the twirly deal in the bottom of my purse so it wouldn't get confiscated at the arduous bag search when they made me throw out the Doritos and ham sandwich I brought in case I got hungry and didn't want to get a home-equity loan to buy a hot dog.

Holly did a great job disguising the very snazzy princess juice drinks because those could have fetched a small fortune in the underground princess gear market. She hid them under a diaper for safe keeping.

We are like secret agents, people.

And we are one photogenic bunch:

The girls would NOT give us a decent smile for the camera. And clearly, I was having some flash problems. Actually, it is probably a little more user-error and a little less "flash problems" but the result is the same.

It could have been like Lilly's Preschool Christmas Program where I got ZERO pictures because I am totally inept with any mechanics having more than one part. (I will not tell you how adorable she looked because I am the only one who will ever know.)

I love things with no parts--like hairbrushes and jeans.

I believe that picture has a lot of what my photography friends call "noise." But I would say it is an improvement over my shots without the subject actually in them.

I used a special lens in the next one to really show the tiredness that comes over your eyes when you are really sleepy:

Thanks, Lauren! We'll do it again next year. At which time I will hopefully catch up with most seven year-olds and learn to take a picture.


sue.g said...

I am also inept with a camera, but I think you have me beat. I love the photo of 'Noelle' asleep. She kills me!!

Do you remember the photo of Jackson & Zach asleep in their car seats coming back from downtown Denver. Too cute!

Jessica said...

so glad you (and lilly) like the tinkerbell light. got a whole bunch of those for a killer deal and our girls LOVE them. in fact, we sneak them into every circus and disney show we see so that we don't get stuck buying something there.
the baller chicks are headed to princess wishes tomorrow, i'm sure it will be a magical experience for them. i have to sit this one out (not sure if thats good or bad,) the grandparents are taking the girlies. hope all is well.