Thursday, December 27, 2007

Brace Yourself for the Most Overused Puns Ever: "Wii are Having a Ball!"

It's true. Papa stood in line at Target for some ungodly morning hours to bring home the 2007 version of the Cabbage Patch Kid (for which he also stood in line way back when.)

Revisiting one of my favorite Christmas surprise techniques, we had the kids unwrap a Wii game before they opened the entire system.

"What's this?! We don't even have a Wii!" Jackson was very confused, but Lilly sensed the excitement. And since then, we've built stadium-seating in the family room complete with dugouts and concessions.

The kids (and possibly the adults) have virtually burned a bowling lane into the formerly fine rug in front of the TV.

Not that our family is competitive or anything, but so far Mark and Brad have bulked up their sorry physiques doing pushups as penance for pitiful bowling.

They are also thinking of starting a vicious bowling gang to knock off AARP members and kindergartners who beat them to a pulp.

The sleeper bowling sensations are Grammy and Jackson. The 5 year-old holds the current record of 190, and that doesn't bother us older bowlers at all. Although, the adults are getting in quite a bit of lane time after everyone goes to bed. And court time. And track time. And tee time. And off-road, desert race-course time. And we are fueling this competition with toffee, chocolate, pie and eggnog.

We just like to model moderation and healthy-living whenever possible.