Wednesday, December 05, 2007

That's It in the Longest Nutshell You've Ever Read

Lilly's 4th birthday party was this past Saturday at our house. The theme was cupcakes and the frosting flowed like a Shocking Pink River.

Here is my girl waiting at the front door for her best buddies to come on over.

There were 16 little beauties, so we divided into stations to conquer the fun. I used to be a first grade teacher, so I apologize up front for trying to organize chaos and using centers at birthday parties. It is a sickness.

Station 1: Decorating miniatures strawberry cakes. Darn cute, y'all.

If I had to estimate, the sprinkles were approximately 2 inches taller than the actual cake height.

Exhibit A:

Grandma Mac single-handedly captained the craziest station of them all. The excitement was high and the frosting was flying.

For the record, the color of frosting I bought was called "rose." Except that I have never seen any roses in nature that naturally occur this color:
Audrey did not even pretend to frost that cake.
The girls decorated these boxes to take home their treasures.

Station #2 was the cupcake ornament painting kiosk.

I would like to take a moment and marvel at the cuteness of Lilly's friends:

And I would also like to tell P how much I appreciate that she coordinates the ornament colors with that of her apron. What a girl.
Lauren was more into the abstract:
As was Rainbow Brite:

Brad and Jackson ran the three-ring circus known as the Games Station and did a fine job.

At this point I should mention there are around 250 pictures of this blessed event, so if I am boring you, just know this is truly the Cliffs Notes version and I am withholding lots of fabulous material.

Then came the present-opening:

Now for the cake! This is really my favorite part, because I love a good theme cake. I also love eating a good theme cake especially when it is Double Chocolate Pound Cake Oh My Gosh.

Between Brad and I, we have quite a legacy of Dukes of Hazzard and Strawberry Shortcake desserts at our childhood birthday parties. This can in no way measure up to the General Lee, but I gave it my all:

If you know how to put four candles in your precious baby girl's cake without fighting back tears, feel free to let me know.
I would like to point out that Jackson looked like a young Food Network Executive in his shirt and apron.

I would also like to point out that I started making that apron when he was approximately three years old and very into all things cowboy. Nothing like spending two and a half years on that little project.

Yet again, I roped in several friends and an entire set of grandparents to help throw this little party. Big hugs and thanks for all the help.

I am also glad that Grandpa is gifted and talented at stain removal techniques and products because the carpet and counters had lots of that very soft, warm, "rose" color all over them.