Friday, December 14, 2007

My Best Work Since "Highlights"

Life right this very second is pretty amazing...huge, beautiful snowflakes are falling outside our very large window, the kids are napping (or so I choose to believe), I am watching the Food Network, and spending some time on the computer.

Sounds great if I was a recluse. Or simply a mom in need of a few moments to gather sanity before tonight's HUGE SLEEPOVER OF CHRISTMAS FEST PALOOZA.

Seems that much of the country is under heavy/ice fall and school has been cancelled in record proportions.

Anyway, one of my favorite bloggers, Shannon, is hosting a Snow Day haiku contest. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Head over there to read some pretty hilarious aspiring mommy poets.

If sixth grade poetry isn't your thing, I'll go ahead and show you the two I submitted. I have no pretenses about winning, but just thought I'd join in the snowy fun based on some...personal...experiences today.

Not too snowy for
Starbucks run cocoa spills
Clean up on aisle one

Mixing, eating dough
Cookies, brownies, cakes delish
Throw scale into snow