Saturday, December 08, 2007


"Mom and Dad, I told on you today at school."

"Really. What have we done now?"

"I told my teacher that you call me Beanie Weanie and that I don't like it."


"She said that she wouldn't want to be called that, either."

"Did you mention to her that your nickname is 'Lillybean?'

"Or that you told us you love to be called Beanie Weanie?"

She clears her throat.

"Well, my name is Lilly Noelle and I would like to be called 'Noelle.'"

"Ok, no problem. If that's your name, you have to know how to spell it. So, how do you spell it?"


"Well then, it's settled."


KimBeau Hughes said...

This is absolutely adorable!!! haha.

My mom forwarded me the pictures from the cupcake party and wrote in the subject, "Look what we have to look forward to!". To which I replied, "Seriously mom? Everyone knows we aren't creative like nicole and aunt sue. I'm sure we will have hot dogs and party hats. That's about it...unless we call Nicole." Love you guys!