Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm Changing the Blog Title to "We Interrupt This Bowling Tournament..."

Jackson and I spent some time bonding the past few days. Looking into each other's eyes, sharing our hearts, working through a ropes course together, and playing Nintendo for such a long duration that I feel it would jeopardize my parenting cred to print the actual hours.

I suppose I always wanted to be his hero in one way or another. I thought it might come when I cooked really great meals or counseled his heart after a break-up with a girlfriend.

But the Lord did not prepare me for the fact that we would laugh, high-five, nearly cry, and have serious talks about not throwing the DS when we lose at SuperMario World .

I have memorized quite a few Bible verses in my days, but recall few with the same clarity as I recall the levels and hidden teasures in Mario Land. I feel terrible about that, but there is not much I can do other than share my vast wealth of useless video game knowledge and insight with J.

And I feel that would be a good use of my spiritual gifts.