Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Lest You Think I am Vain...

...I am including this rather heinous picture of myself mid-illness when the sting of the barf was recent, but the allure of the gingerbread houses (did someone say decorating?) was strong.

Much of my investigative journalism tends toward the nature of fashion/food/hair so I thought I would demonstrate that I RISE ABOVE those obstacles in the name of Family Fun.

I thought this photo also demonstrated the need for a "no makeup" look that actually includes wearing a quite a bit of makeup and appropriately appying cover-up so as not to scare my own offspring.

If you enlarge this, you will be sorry.


Jessica said...

this is HILARIOUS!
i could copy and paste...today the dreaded "bug" has caught up with me.
I have been so lucky the last few weeks it has made its rounds but i think lance brought something home from the plane, etc. not to mention its going around school. begging God to not let the kids get it.
i could copy and paste this picture for me today, although my pj's aren't have as festive as yours.