Monday, June 13, 2011


What an awesome weekend. Go Mavs!

We cheered our hearts out. First TCU won the Rose Bowl, then the Mavs rocked the NBA.


Jackson paced around, analyzed stats, tackled me when they won with tears in his eyes, then begged to stay up for the post-game interviews. I'm raising myself.

On the bird front, I'm a little worried. I'd like to see more interaction from the parents. The big Furball of Four is clearly breathing, but I thought I'd see worms flying in there a little more often.

My enabling side wants to set a big bucket of them on the porch.

Then I got wrapped up in watching the bird-watcher instead of the birds.

One of them has a cute little beak. I don't know about that gross-ish thing in the middle.

Lilly kept breathing all over them, but being that we aren't country-folk, nor are we tree-owners, nor animal lovers...she may never get this chance again.

We finally watched The King's Speech. Loved it. Loved tons of things about it.

The only confusing part was that so many of the actors were from the Harry Potter movies. I kept waiting for spells to break out. And I kept wanting to call his wife "Bellatrix."

I loved the speech teacher. Colin Firth was unbelievable. I hope he won an Oscar.

When Jackson saw Dumbledore, aka King George dying, he mentioned that he does a lot of death scenes. True. He's like The Official Old Actor when we need a good Brit.

The kids didn't watch the movie with us, but all of the stars aligned and I watched the last hour and 45 minutes in the afternoon while they were outside playing.

I LOVE afternoon movies.

It feels like a guilty pleasure. I COULD/SHOULD be doing so many other things.

Didn't even fold laundry while I watched. Rebel.

I watched the credits the night before, then I was out. Stone cold. Starting movies at 10 p.m. is for the young and Brad.


Our church had Service Sunday this week...we go into the community to "be" the church for those in need.

This time, our project involved rehabbing a house that four disabled guys share. It was a great house, but definitely needed some care on the outside.

Our team removed a ton of tree limbs, cleaned out a shed, and painted the porch.

All the kids worked sooo hard. I wasn't even really paying attention, but no one even took a break to sit around or play or disappear for extended amounts of time.

{There was a Girl Scout Cookie intermission. Adults included.}

A friend commented on how diligently they all worked. And I realized that in probably three or four years of doing Service Sunday, this was the first time the kids worked longer than 15 minutes without being prodded with a stick and complaining the whole way through.

Most days, there isn't any visible progress in parenting. But God gave me grace to see it today.

{Not that it was my parenting. They're just growing up. Pros and cons...}

I also booked a LOT of plane tickets this weekend.

Frontier is nuts right now. It was cheaper to buy three tickets to sit in a chair in the sky than to drive the Burb to Dallas.

And I calculated that at $3.60/gallon. No way it will be that cheap. I feel like a champ.

We are road trip warriors with unparalleled bladder control.

But I will give it up.

I don't mind driving, but I hate that it counts toward vacation time. I just got 6 days of my summer back. That is a WEEK I would've spent in the car.

And our school's summer vacay is short. SHORT.

Always worth it to hang with family, but I would love to think I could be doing something better than sitting and sitting and sitting.

I might replace it with sitting by the pool.

Totally different.