Sunday, June 19, 2011

It Was Not Exactly a Sacrifice

As the ultimate Father's Day gift for Brad, I failed to succeed in two separate attempts to destroy our house this weekend. I've come close a few times, but can't seem to close the deal.

For this year's installment, instead of flooding the inside of our home, I left the hose running at full blast in the front yard.

I'm still not sure what caused me to walk away from a water force so strong that it mimicked white water rapids, but I probably got hungry for some M&M's.

Conveniently, during my M&M break, Brad suggested we head out for dinner. It was a great night and we talked on the patio for awhile the kids played mano y mano hide and seek. {It's times like those when I feel villianous for only having two kids. Hide and seek would've been a lot more fun with a smallish tribe.}

Thanks to the beautiful evening and fabulous conversation, we headed for home after a few hours.

As we got closer to the house, flood-like waters surged down the street gutter. Of course, I wondered whose sprinklers were on overdrive.

Then I couldn't help but notice that sidewalks looked like a very exclusive rainstorm occurred on our property.
Did I remember the hose at this point? No. I just thought it looked oddly wet.

Not until Brad said, "Did you forget to turn off the hose?" did I vaguely remember turning it on.



The front yard is now a delightfully swampy bog-ish ecosystem all of its own.

I will cry my tears when I get the water bill next month.

Luckily, I already had plans in place to redeem myself.

We kicked off Father's Day with a breakfast in bed {prepared by the kids--sort of}.

The Snickers pancakes were a hit.

Then we had a surprise for the afternoon...

Baseball! It was free Tulo jersey day...and the kids were so excited. Jackson snagged a signed Tulo ball at a school assembly this year, so the matching jersey was icing.

The weather was great, the hotdogs were all that one dreams a ballpark hotdog to be, the salted peanuts crunched awesomely, and parking was only $5.

The stuff of dreams.

J & L aren't baseball diehards yet, but they love planning which fine ballpark delicacies we'll be eating each inning.

Brad leaned over while we were watching the kids soak in the ballpark atmosphere and said, "When we were sitting at Cubs games in high school...did you ever picture this?"

Um, no.

But I'm soaking in every second of it right now:)

J kills me that he missed half the plays because he was watching the jumbo screen.

{"Back in our day, they didn't HAVE tv's at ballparks! You went to the park so you didn't HAVE to watch the game on tv." ugh}

Brad loved it all. After working ourselves into a frenzy over the Mavs games, it was great to be at a sporting event where we could just relax.

And eat.

We finished out a great night with a little US Open golf, teriyaki steak kebabs, and frozen yogurt.

Good times:)