Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Due Date

In what can only be described as the most read bird-watching blog on the planet, here is tonight's update:


They are only a few hours old. I got to see their little beaks peeking up, but my stellar photography didn't catch it.

Should've videoed, but I was too excited and running in and out of the house and trying to be quick because I was afraid the babies would get cold without their mom and freaking out because I am now a grandmother.

After all the gentle door-slamming and tripping and sweating, I resumed my secretive hideout spot inside my own house.

The mom and dad really don't want me around. Whatev.

After I show up, they usually stand around on the perch and make sure the large human is fah-fah away.

This is the dad, looking especially blue and fierce guarding the twins and pre-birds.

After the coast was clear, he dive bombed approximately 3 inches to his nest. Then I wasted an hour staring at nothing and hoping some excitement would ensue.

I was sitting at a red light this afternoon and saw my future license plate in front of me:

I'll be working on some sneaky bird-watching techniques tonight.

Bird nerds unite!


Amy said...

yay! i hope you don't have travel plans because i look forward to daily updates of their growth until there is an empty nest. congrats!!!

Carla said...

Until I became a "grandmother" to the little morning doves on our porch ceiling fan, I had no idea how addicting birdwatching can be! Count me in as a fellow nerd. Keep us posted!

Brenda said...

Oh my goodness! You totally crack me up! I cannot believe you saw that license plate. Yes, I have been working hard on figuring out how to attract birds to our new location. I am jealous of you getting to watch this nest. What fun for all of you! And this is not your regular robin either. Wow! Bluebirds! You are approaching extreme birdwatching.

Holly said...

ok bird lady how do you know which one is the mom and which is dad???

we just had a nest under our deck, most bizarre place ever! we watched them bulid a nest, lay eggs, and yesterday they flew away. kids are bummed, but Im happy all the bird poop will be a thing of the past!