Saturday, June 25, 2011

Art IS Fun

Well, kind of.

At least I have fun.

It's relaxing, creative, surprising, and I'm constantly reminded that the joy is the process, not the creation.

Possibly, my favorite part each week is when I unveil our soon-to-be-project and they both declare that there is NO WAY they can do that.

And then they do.

They are so proud of themselves and even though I have to give the same pep talk each week, it's worth it.

Today, I even heard Jackson pass along the same thoughts ("art isn't supposed to be perfect," "do you think Van Gogh got "Starry Night" right the very first time?," and "lots of erasing makes for a great artist") to his five year-old cousin.


Instead of a blow by blow of our projects, I made some fancy collages. {Learned how to do that here.}

These are just a couple products we've had fun with this summer. I get most of my ideas here.

And we almost always invite friends {or this week, COUSINS!} to join us.

I try to pick projects that appeal to both boys and girls, have several steps, and use a variety of mediums. {That is my final attempt to sound "official."}

Be warned: there are almost always tears. There is fighting over colors and materials. There are outbursts of "I am the WORST artist ever!"

But I really think it's worth it.