Thursday, June 02, 2011

Some Stuff About Some Things

Have you tried these?

They're awesome. Chocolatey straws that you stick in the white milk to create chocolatey milk sans syrup.

"We love it!" shout the kids in unison.

If I could be in the presence of milk without my gag reflex activating, I would be all over it. I might try one in my iced coffee. YUM.

This is how I envision the childhood Jackie O. eating her ice cream:

The irony is thick because I can't think of anyone that reminds me LESS of Jackie O. than Lilly.

In other news, Lillers got a palate expander yesterday. Uck.

I spent most of dinner with a toothpick, excavating spaghetti remnants out of this grossness between bites.

When we were making M&M cookies after dinner, she told me, "M&M's are just the right texture to swallow with my expander." I'm SURE they are.

So we've been having a lot of milkshakes.

I mean, a LOT.

My mom sent that vintage {if that term applies to the early 80's} milkshake glass. My grandma sent it to me when I was in the hospital as a 5 year-old. Back then, it was around a 2-week stay for tubes, adenoids, and tonsils--which I hear they now do without anesthesia during an episode of Spongebob.

Tomorrow is the last day of school...always a yahoo/boo-hoo for me.

Sooooo thankful they're out of school and we can have a fun, relaxing, amazing summer.

BUT, I've loved their teachers and hate to say good-bye.

Doesn't this seem like a loooooong time ago?

Good heavens. I'm going to go cry in my pillow.


Meg said...

I had to have one of those palate-expanders in high school. Mine was nice, like a retainer...perfect at the cafeteria table when you are trying to impress some cute boy.

Thank goodness it had long since been lost into a McDonald's trash can before I met Brian, or who knows if he ever would have married me! ;-)