Friday, June 24, 2011

Reunited and It Feels so Good

Yes, my precious is back.

I imagine this is how Luke Skywalker felt after Darth Vader light-sabered off his hand and then he got the new one with fingers that even wiggled.

That good:)

I tried to go to sleep last night and realized being phoneless wreaked havoc on my fancy bedtime rituals.

Alarm clock--fail.

Nightly devotional--fail. {By the way, did you know there's an app for Spurgeon's entire "Morning and Evening" for 99 cents? A BARGAIN. Plus, the icon is a lovely portrait of Charles H.}

Late night texting--fail.

Waves/rainfall/golf course ambient noise--fail.

I could not even drown out my tears with some Pandora.

But actually, my favorite reunion of the day involved myself and tableside guacamole.

In my parents' town, there is a wonderful restaurant that reminds me of Cheers. Or at least what Cheers would be like if it was a Mexican cantina in north Texas.

The standard for tableside guac was created here and I'm always bummed when I go other places and it's not remotely the same. (Do not attempt this anywhere in Denver.)

Didn't get pictures, because it IS where everyone knows your it's a little awkward to be flashing photos...also since it's dark and the flash is like an exclamation point usually reserved for jalapenos.

Case in point, we ran into my doctor who delivered Jackson nine years ago.{He and J didn't recognize each other.}

But there is this wonderful cart, more of a magical trolley, really...that comes around overflowing with avocados, peppers, pico de gallo, onions, and a giant mortar and pestle. Ramon peels the avocados, lovingly scoops them into the huge bowl, and customizes the spice, flavors, and deliciousness. Then, serves it onto your plate one softball sized glob at a time.

And then you die.

Right now, guacamole and the cajun turkey sandwich at Heidi's are top in my Last Meal list.

Hordes, JUST HORDES of faithful readers have asked how to do a screen shot on your iphone.

Giving technology tips is definitely outside my skill set, but this I DO know.

Hold the the top button and double click the main button on the front.

Or watch this video.

I find the screenshot to be especially helpful when taunting others with current weather stats or immortalizing ridiculous texts.

Even though we just got to Dallas, we're already missing Brad. I'm beyond grateful that he lets us swim and eat Mexican food until our guts ache (which is actually a sign that we're ready for more.)

The kids decided to leave Brad around eleventy thousand notes throughout the house so he would know how much he's missed.

Some are in places that he'll find right away.

Others give him ideas on how to pass the time...

Some notes are protecting our most precious assets...

And some remind Brad of basic home maintenance...

By the way, a neighbor called him on the carpet tonight about watering my flowers.

"Last year, when Nicole and the kids went away, they all DIED."

YES, they did. So he willingly committed to water them when he remembers.

I have many covert spies, so we'll see how this goes:)


Donna's Book Nook said...

So glad you got "your precious" back! The notes the kids wrote are hysterical and such creative placement!! When I need an endorphin boost, I read your blog!