Friday, June 17, 2011

Celebrity Alert

So every Thursday {or exactly 2 in a row, which counts for "every" in my book}, we're doing Crafty Thursdays.

Yes, this is stolen right from Meg's playbook.

Ironic, yes. I'm NOT crafty and most crafts make me sweat buckets the moment I enter Hob Lob and think about dealing with their antiquated check-out system.

BUT I love painting and lettering and I think it's really good for the kids to work through the process.

Jackson HATES art, but he's a really good sport anyway.

Lilly LOVES art, and is always making wild projects. If I can't find her, she is usually behind closed doors in the office, using an insane amount of paper, tape, staples, and Sharpies to embellish an old box into some sort of futuristic public transportation.

This week, we decided to experiment with oil pastels.

{"We" meaning "me."}

In case you've never worked with oil pastels {don't I sound all artisty, like I HAVE, in fact worked with oil pastels?}, they're a lot like crayons, but blend like paints. FAB.

I was imagining some sort of Georgia O'Keeffe wildflowers or New Mexico-era adobes.

But instead we got this:

They both went with the highly artistic Chicago Bulls logo.

Not exactly the pinnacle of my Crafty Thursday hopes and dreams, but I'm trying to be more about building confidence and having fun than the product.

After starting the drawing with groaning and whimpering and protesting that this was too hard, J & L were both thrilled with their finished products.

Guess who is getting two MUY GRANDE renderings of the Bulls logo for Father's Day??

I made a really cool piece for the kids' bathroom. It is pretty lame, but they think it's magnificent and I am a very accomplished artist in their eyes. Score!

Our kids both slept over at a friends' house last night. Fun for them, fun for us.

Brad and I went out on a date night/work obligation {our standards for romance are minimal}.

But truly, the best part was this morning...I went on a long run watching the sun rise, Brad headed off to work, and then I came home to enjoy some time in my happy place.

A more accurate rendering of my happy place would reflect the three 18 oz. cups of coffee I drank, but my fingertips are still twitching while I write this.


And what would a day be without mention of my furry friends?

I'm thankful human babies don't grow this fast or I would be in serious therapy.

They are hilarious. Serious. Focused. Bomb-like.

And I believe they are already celebrities.

I'm raising Angry Birds! I think I'll charge unsuspecting neighborhood kids $5 each to see Angry Birds LIVE!!!

This is going to be awesome :)