Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Just Call me Snow White

After some intense googling, Jackson found out that our little bird egglings living in my petunias are Western Bluebirds.

{That should've seemed obvious, but I promise, the parents aren't blue.}

These poor eggs are probably motion sick since I'm lifting my hanging baskets up and down to show them off to everyone who comes within shouting distance of our porch.

Don't worry, I'll get a ladder once they hatch.

Pictures don't really do these little guys justice, though...they are much smaller in real life than my photog skillz reveal.

For your viewing pleasure, a size comparison photo essay:

#1 Reese's Pieces

Slightly larger than my favorite peanut buttery candy.

#2 Hershey's Dark Chocolate Bliss

Who knew that a square of dark chocolate wonder could dwarf western bluebird eggs?

Not me.

#3 Peanut M&M's

I can't help but notice that my favorite(ish) kind of candy is the exact size of those eggs. So, yes, they are SMALL. Might want to grab a 4 peanut m&ms and eat them to empathize with pregnant birds and understand their feelings.

{Let me know how that goes.}

They are supposed to hatch after 11-13 days, but I'm not really sure when they were laid, so I'll keep checking with my high-tech camera equipment and report back "immediately."

I think my blue robe and cheerful whistling and letting squirrels help me sweep the forest cottage have made the flowers extra-bright this year.

In another news, I actually took a ride on a dolphin this past weekend. {for real!}

On the plus side, I can say I've swam with the dolphins.

On the down side, there was a lot less jumping in and out of the water than I imagined.

p.s. the instagram wash I used on the top 3 is "earlybird." how perfect is that?