Tuesday, January 29, 2008

O Give me a Home, Where the PVC Pipe Roams

A few weeks ago at school, it was Cowboy week. So who do you think was the cutest little cowgirl around?

It made me realize how BIG my cowgirl is getting, which led me to cry for several hours.

So here is Calamity Lilly:

Please notice her horse, "Shadow." She carefully sculpted him out of a sock and PVC pipe.

I'm sure it will remind you of Pioneer Woman's breathtaking photography.

The other little girls gave their horses names like "Buttercup" or "Moon Beam" or the classic, "Black Beauty."

But instead, Lilly named hers for her favorite Super Villain on the Mario & Sonic Olympics: As usual, I am bursting with pride.

And lastly, here she is two years ago at Jackson's cowboy party:

I miss that little thigh that had two distinct sections, but fortunately, I can just look at my own if I get too weepy over it.

The cheeks, however, have not gone anywhere:

I think I'll have one for breakfast.


Julie said...

She is so precious.....I LOVE the horse.

I have 3 little girls. One is 20, the 2nd is 17 and the 3rd is 10.... Yes, I hear you on the growing up fast.
I wept buckets as I put my 20 year old on an airplane 2 weeks ago to go to a 5 month's mission's trip overseas. (*if you want to read about it, it is posted on my blog, titled "Letting Go" and "She's Off")

Hug her tight tonight,