Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Not as Important as Hair, but Still a Fashion Concern

I have a long history of handbag ownership that usually involves the purchase of a new bag that will change my life, only to end up hating it a few months later because it is too big/too small/sticky on the inside/stained on the outside/broken straps, zippers, clasps etc.

This is because the quality of bag I purchase ranges from $15-$25 and the stitching, "leather," and zippers were not assembled with the same tender, loving care which I show the bag during our time together. Ahem.

If you are wondering why I don't loving oil, hang, and clean out my bag each night, you either do not have children and/or a life or you are Brad.

Recently, I carried a bag so big it reminded me of Mary Poppins' carpet bag. I believe at one point, I was hauling around a pink shoe and an entire pair of pants in there without noticing until I was embarrassed at the checkout when I couldn't find my wallet but I could clothe an entire child from the bag's contents (complete with accessories, of course).

At the life stage that is beyond diapers and sippie cups, yet void of anyone else willing to carry things the search for an appropriate hand bag is intense.

So I rebelled from the carpet bag and went small. Not as small as this wristlet, but normal human size that could hold life's necessities: wallet, sunglasses, regular glasses, cell phone (in theory), iPod, small socks, water bottle, receipts from all of 2007, travel Bible, happy meal toys, and lots of crumbs.

The above list are my bare essentials...and do not include larger items like books and magazines. So clearly, the normal-size purse that shouted to the world, "I NO LONGER HAVE TODDLERS!" was not really working.

Re-enter the gigantor bag via Sam Moon.

In a hilarious turn of events, my grandma paid me $10 for the old purse:

(Be sure and notice the purse-lined walls and stacks of bags in plastic. Like I said, classy.)

Anyway, before you think I am a criminal for accepting money from my grandmother, let me say that she offered to buy me a new purse.

"Oh, no," I protested, "These are a smoking bargain. I'm all good."

"Well, honey," Grandma continues, "If you buy a new purse, then I want your old one. So I'll just buy you a new one, so you can give me the other one."

"Gran, you are crazy."

"Here is $10 for your old purse, take it or leave it."

No problemo.

We also found some stellar wallets for $10:

Oh, have I mentioned that when my family goes shopping together, we somehow all end up buy the SAME THING. We all cruise around the store, which offers literally thousands of bags, and all four of us decided on the exact same one:

And so far, I am loving it.


Holly Schaefer said...

tell Grandma that she can not buy your purse, it goes to your friend Holly!!!! the last one that I stole from you just broke and now I have no way to carry my 80 pounds of crap! Ill have to start lugging my suitcase around!

love the new one though!

are you guys ever coming home?