Monday, January 14, 2008

This Will Make Even a Slow News Day Seem Riveting

One thing I totally appreciate about blogging is that my sweet friends and family have jumped right on board with my very mediocre ramblings.

Frankly, I'm just glad someone is out there reading. I would probably blog anyway, because it's so convenient to put thoughts, pictures, and events all in one place where they can't be misplaced or need to be stored.

But the funny part about having such an eager following is that if ANYTHING remotely newsworthy/funny/normal happens, family and friends in my midst start running for cameras like crazy shouting, "QUICK! Let's take a picture of this for the blog!"


"Oh my gosh! Pllleeeassssse don't put that on your blog! I swear you to secrecy!!!" Contrary to popular opinion, I don't carry a tape recorder with me and truly have a terrible memory.

It's like they (who are we kidding...YOU) think I am some intrepid reporter documenting each personal event with precision and clarity and of course, my most excellent photojournalism.

The blog is supposed to capture my dull, everyday life, but even when documenting the monotonous, some incidents are mindnumbingly boring while others are definitely boring, but less boring than emptying the dishwasher, therefore publishable.

While I sincerely admire my readers' desires to partner with me in my top-notch blogging, it's also quite a commentary on what is "newsworthy" these days.


Exhibit A:
Over Christmas, Mom and I were at the grocery store doing some shopping, except for the fact that if we saw something on sale, we bought enough of it to feed a small army. (Truth be told, she bought obscene quantities while I innocently pushed the cart. I did not inherit that sickness. By the end of our trip I believe we had close to 300 ounces of chocolate chips in the pantry, freezer, and covering all countertops.)

We bought four boxes of All-Bran Buds (stop your salivating) and seven bags of chocolate chips--WE ARE SO CONTRADICTORY! AND HILARIOUS! HA! HA! HA!

Quick, take a picture! At the grocery store!

Exhibit B:
The next photo is compliments of Brad grabbing the camera to capture me devouring a chocolate covered strawberry.

He was all, "HA! Nicole is EATING! AGAIN! SUGAR! Get me to the camera!"

In my defense, if you've never tried Shari's Berries thou shalt not criticize.

That was certainly not one of my most dignified moments, but dignity has never been one of my hallmarks. Nor has restraint around chocolate covered strawberries.

Brad's favorite style of photography is the candid type that finds it's subject/victim in a compromising situation. It's like having a personal paparrazi. Which I believe celebrities have been known to attack.

Exhibit C:

Jackson begged me to capture the joy of my "seven thousandth" Starbucks over Christmas. I was taking them full-strength and throwing caution to my usual non-fat, sugar free ways. I know...just crazy.

So even my five year-old ferociously dug through the almighty purse for the camera and proceeded to turn it on and snap this most-flattering photo:

Everyday he asks, "Did you put my picture on the blog yet?!" So, here you go, bud!

Exhibit D:

The other night I met my friend at the hospital for what turned out to be a false baby alarm. Every time the doctor or nurses came in and asked her a question, she was like, "You better not publish that on your blog!"

I can totally understand her not wanting me to publish her pre- or post-pregnancy weights (and as a friend, I vow I will never publish anyone's weight unless they are a professional wrestler), but I calmed her down when I shared out loud my highest pregnancy weight with Jackson, which she couldn't possibly achieve unless she ate an entire Sonic value meal everyday of the pregnancy. (Which may or may not have been my strategy to achieve such a lofty number.)

But here's the kicker: at the end of the ordeal when everyone was deemed medically healthy and fine (See! I am NOT disclosing the actual ailment!) and she looked ready for a glamorous debut on ER, she just DEMANDED that I take a picture to document the hilarity of the double hospital gowns in the name of the blog.

I am just doing my blogospherical duty.