Monday, January 07, 2008

Not Including Your Fabulous Taste in Clothes

Babe, you are 30 today. WHOO HOO! Way to go. I know I'm not very sappy or romantic (I leave that to you) but I love a good opportunity to share how much you mean to me.

So here goes...30 Things I Love About You

1. Your positive attitude cannot be trampled. Ever. By anyone. I stand amazed.

2. You can fix just about anything.

3. You laugh at yourself so easily.

4. It's important that you do the right thing in all the small things.

5. You make an extra effort to make others feel matter what.

6. You hold no grudges.

7. You are comfortable being exactly who God made you to be.

8. You are a champion sleeper and passed those precious genes right along to our children. (For which I have thanked God over and over again.)

9. You love the unloveables with much grace.

10. You help me assemble stuff, fix stuff, and change all the light bulbs.

11. You don't have to win in order to have fun.

12. You listen so well and know when to take me seriously and when to blow me off (for the most part, anyway).

13. I take back #2 because yesterday you crashed both of our laptops.

14. You never tire of playing with the kids.

15. Until we met, I'd never given thought to glancing through any auto or toy or home appliance manuals, let alone reading them cover to cover.

16. You make me laugh. Every single day.

17. I am glad you are not turning 80.

18. You are the person with whom I love to play video games or watch old Saturday Night Live sketches until the early hours of morning.

19. Your patience is absolutely amazing.

20. You bring the fun wherever you go.

21. You are the best extemporaneous speaker I've ever heard.

22. Your actions speak volumes more than your words.

23. Daily, I'm impressed by your hard work and perseverance despite less than ideal circumstances.

24. You fold a fitted sheet with unparalleled precision.

25. When I need information about World War II vehicles/aircraft/submarines, I can be assured of a lengthy and thorough response.

26. Same with cars.

27. There is no one I'd rather go with on life's adventures.

28. My family loves you more than they love me, and that is really saying something.

29. You are the one who holds the string to my kite.

30. I love you more than you'll ever know this side of heaven (at which time I selfishly hope we'll recognize each other amidst all the golden streets and worship.)

Happy birthday.


Joel said...

Wow. You must be in love.

Brenda said...

Nicely done, Nicole. I am proud of Brad as well! I hope you have a great day celebrating this special birthday!

sue.g said...

Well, as I've said before,,,,I'd like to clone Brad (twice) for each of my girls.

Happy Birthday Brad-o! I love you tons. I really enjoyed our time together looking at houses in Dallas.

Andy Rowell said...

Amen. He is a good brother too.