Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'd Just Like to Point Out a Few Things

No matter how old Lilly grows, I still want to eat those cheeks. They are nothing short of delicious and very pillowy. At 4, she is downright scrawny compared to her "robust" baby days, but I can't help but wanting to smooch those marshmallow-infused beauties every time I see her.

Secondness, she is wearing a ponytail.

Something about the single ponytail (as opposed to her signature piggy tails) just makes Lilly seem older. Next thing I know, she will be cruising around town in her poodle skirt, chasing after boys, employed as a roller-skating waitress at the Heidi-Ho.

Oh wait, that was my mom.

But still, ponytails are the stuff of Big Girls and she is a teeny tiny newborn in case you forgot.

Thirdly, this picture points out that she's inherited the most dreaded trait of Winter Paleness Combined With Lackluster Natural Highlights.

I suffer from the same disease and my skin becomes the color of a big jar of Elmer's Paste. Understandably, I spent far too much time in the tanning bed in high school.

I now regret the suntanning in the death bed, but to remedy the situation, last year I cut bangs to disguise the premature forehead wrinkles. Which probably takes a whole 6 months off my perceived age. And creates an entirely separate hair category.

Because styling bangs is really a separate grooming issue from the rest of the hair. They don't just look whimsically side-swept on their own, I tell you. Mastery of the round brush and hair dryer is a refining process, but in the end, a blessing.

This post is really not clever, creative, or particularly interesting, but I am just trying to demonstrate that a) I really love Lilly, and more specifically, her cheeks, b) she is growing up against my wishes and counter-maturity attempts, and c) I can always bring everything back to hair.



sue.g said...

I love those cheeks, too. You had the same cheeks at that age.

Your mom cruised the "Hi-D-Ho" (just a minor detail),,,,just saying.

Everything does go back to hair, eventually. I mean, it is the common denominator, right?