Saturday, January 26, 2008

Which Gives a Whole New Meaning to Shameless

I have a very dedicated running posse that includes a bunch of guys I've never met.

Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, Mac Powell, Aaron Shust, and Phillips, Craig and Dean, to name a few.

There are the days where I need Jon Bon Jovi and Steven Tyler to keep me rockin' along, but that was not today.

It's no secret that the music blares through the miracle of the iPod while I run. If I can actually hear myself breathe, I'm tend to think I'm dying rather than working out, which is just an ugly thought. So instead, I crank up the tunes and keep going.

This morning I needed some serious worship. I mean, SERIOUS. I wasn't in the mood to be introspective, heart-searching, and all that.

I needed to fully absorb God's truth, strength, and power.

The gym I go to is a not-so-swanky, strip-mall-small, and very "intimate" little joint in the sense that I can smell the breath and armpits of the runners on the treadmills next to me.

So I find it kind of embarrassing that I occasionally get so lost in the music that I close my eyes, only to open them and find myself with my hands raised. So far, no one has shut off my treadmill or thought I was volunteering to stay after and wipe down the machines.

Today, however, I rocked out in rare form. Losing all sense of time and most certainly, location, I even found myself clapping through a chorus or two.

My high (or low, depending on if you were on the elliptical behind me) was when I think I actually shook an imaginary tambourine against my thigh during "My Redeemer Lives." I felt that was what the song required at the moment, and just couldn't hold it in.

Apparently I envisioned myself on an exercise segment of the "Sonny and Cher Show" in the 70's sharing Jesus love with the runners around me and felt the need to play some pretend percussion.

Perhaps I've missed my calling.

To add to this already embarrassing picture, the tears started flowing during "In Christ Alone." And warning y'all: CRYING AND RUNNING MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT MIX. Talk about hyperventilation...

But I would like to add that anything that gives praise to Jesus and allows me to eat an extra chocolate peanut butter cup cookie can't be half bad.



sue.g said...

Rave on! My problem lies in driving and listening and closing my eyes and raising my hands. You know my whole philosophy on music. I do get so lost in the worship and I love it.

Sounds like you had a good run :-)

Mandie said...

LOVE it! Those are my favorite kind of runs. Next time you feel like you need a worship run, come on over to my private gym (ehem). There you are encouraged to raise your hands, pray, cry whatever it takes. I might even have a peanut butter cup waiting for you when you are done.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

Preach it sister!

You are just burning extra calories!

Robin said...

You can't possibly be talking about our gym?? I'm pretty sure it's as swanky as they come, Missy.

Julie said...

I found your blog through Boo Mama's soup post.

Your heart is beautiful. I love that your heart to worship and the freedom that you feel. You are a beauty.

How can you not play an imaginary tambourine while listening to "My Redeemer Lives"? Have you heard her song, "Witness"? I can't stay still on that one. She came to The Revolve Tour (for teenagers). I went with my 17 year old daughter. It was awesome!!!

I can tell you are a precious heart! I am glad I found your blog.

Many blessings,