Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wherein We Discuss Original Sin

Brad and Lilly were reading the Big Picture Bible the other day, starting right on page one. They were bantering back and forth about Eve's choice to take a bite of the apple.

(Don't get all picky on me that we don't know for sure if it was an apple or not, because maybe they didn't have apples in the Middle East, because the colorful illustrations clearly support my point of view.)

(And I believe the illustrator was an eye-witness.)

Lilly--always above reproach--mentioned that had she been in Eve's tricky spot, she wouldn't have eaten the fruit, thus saving humanity forever. Amen and No Way.

So Brad delicately explained some very intense theological concepts while Lilly dug in her heels and maintained her position.

"Lilly, we've talked about this. Considering your less-than-stellar track record in the short time I've known you, why on earth do you think you wouldn't have disobeyed God?"

"Because I'm too short to reach high enough to pick the fruit."

Point taken.

Harvard law school, here she comes.


Anonymous said...

Where did she come from? Dad