Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Martha Stewart's Good Things or The Best Walgreens Has to Offer

I'm providing a new free service on the blog (in contrast to all of my very pricey and exclusive blog services) in case you need to do some last minute Valentine's Day shopping.

Or in case you happen to be at the mall with a few extra bucks in your pocket.

Or just in case you like things that are cute.

Either way.

As usual, my mad photography skillz will contribute 1,000 words each.

This candle contains my new favorite scent in the entire world:
Vanilla coconut is a Bath & Body Works specialty that transports my nose to another place, while my body stays here and freezes limb by limb.

It takes a lot to displace Yankee Candle's Buttercream scent from my very prestigous Candle Smell Rankings, but alas, it's been done. It is really a special moment when I light this candle each day because it just smells so dang good. The house smells warm, even though it is actually one ice cube short of an igloo.

Moving on:

I know there is huge demand for teeny clocks out there, so it's hard to choose which one you might need. But this, I feel, is it.

Such a great balance of sophistication and bling. Just the perfect touch for a windowsill or decorative ledge.

Probably not so great for the garage workshop.


I can't even tell you what this soap dish does for me. After taking the time to deocrate the powder room, there is really no place for ugly plastic containers. Well of course there is, but this is just so much more interesting.

My grandma sent this in the mail a few days ago and I haven't stopped smiling since. It doesn't take much, does it?

Here I am demonstrating what it looks like with soap in it. In case you're unclear.

As an extra special Valentine's tip, Yardley is a very luxurioius British brand of soap that can be found at Walgreens for 99 cents. Get it while you can.


Lisa @ Take90West said...

Love that soap dish!

And I loved the Valentine's pictures, too. We went through a phase of a few years around here where no one would be looking at a camera at the same time. It was awful at the time, but funny to look back on those pictures now.