Sunday, February 17, 2008

Revenge of the Nerds meets Spaceballs

I know, every kid loves his or her own unique clothing combinations. But while some kids are passionate about a certain shirt or a specific style, Lilly is just about looking ridiculous. And she knows it.

It's deja vu all over again...

"Lilly, come down when you have your pajamas on!"

And then I usually add, "And don't forget to accessorize!"

(She does not love chunky jewelry yet, but I hope and pray that someday she will.)

Ta da:

The upside-down sticker and eye patch were lovely accents, but I still felt the outfit was unfinished.

We get very angry if she forgets key items like Darth Vader helmets and blasters:

In sixth or seventh grade, my favorite shirt style was one that involved tucking in the front but not the back. Nice. Ironically, I also spent many of my elementary years wearing my socks over leggings (and on a good day, they had stirrups on the bottom.)

Lilly has either been looking through my photo albums or has inherited my innate sense of ugly. I mean...our innate sense of ugly.


Katie said...

oh man, I could pull out some sweet examples of you and your tucked-in-front-only look!! There would definitely be some layered t-shirts involved, specifically some with the little v-notch in the neck binding. I think I preferred the edges-only tucked-in and then the shirt carefully bloused out look. We were definitely winners - oh yes.

Your Lily is amazing!!! :)

Joel said...

oh man, i'd love to see the rest of that last picture....and to look through your photo album

Room for Grace said...

Hey there! I came over here via Big Mama to say hi, and oh my lands, your children are adorable, and your blog is very fun.
I love your motto over on the right, I really need to pick up that running thing!
Nice to meet you!

Amy said...

Ok, I know this is old news, but I just got to poking around on here and discovered this section. I read every post. Can I please say that I was cackling throughout the house?!?!!! She is an absolute RIOT! I wish I knew her better!!! :-( ac