Sunday, March 02, 2008

Don't Worry I'm Not Trapped Under Something Heavy

Sorry for the lack of blogging, but I've been facing some "issues." Oh, nothing serious, just stuff that keeps me from sitting at the computer.

Brad comandeered my laptop, which was the Mother Board o' the Blog. I used to type in 3 minute increments while standing at the kitchen island. Contrary to popular opinion, blogging didn't occur in hour-long stints from my VERY glamorous office (photos to come). As anyone over the age of 5 knows, mothers don't actually sit down during's more like interval training that is actually fattening instead of calorie-reducing.

Anyway, since I am now relegated to the desktop computer (horrors!) the blogging has slowed down a bit. When we moved in, we had the idea to insulate our bedroom wall (site of my swanky C-suite office) so when the kids are in high school, we can go to bed at a normal hour, while they stay up late and blare the surround sound in the next room.

That might be great in high school, but right now, it prevents me from hearing any crises until it gets so loud that the entire neighborhood has been alerted.

Which is why I can't really get to the computer.


It's March. Which tortures me. 75 degrees one day, snowing the next. My fragile psyche doesn't really handle bi-polar weather very well.



I went to Santa Fe for the weekend. Even though I wrote at one point that I was opposed to all things New Mexican, I had the time of my life.

Because truly, there's nothing a little coffee, wine, shopping, and girl talk can't fix. And chocolate. And sleep, precious sleep.

There was no internet or TV for FOUR WHOLE DAYS and after I got over the shakes, it was quite pleasant. I never realized how many times a day, I want to go "look that up" on the interweb. Because my brain is very small.

But now I'm back to snowy reality.

I'll fill you in more in the days to come.

Until then, I will be fantasizing about warm, beachy locations that alternate lots of laying very still with eating mucho Mexican food.



Alli Dunham said...

You don't know me...yet. I am a good friend of Tricia Williford's and I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I actually have a link to it from my blog, just because I love reading it. Every day. So, yes I was beginning to think that you might have been stuck underneath something very heavy. Glad to see that you're back. My blog, should you like to visit, is