Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blogging About Salad Makes Me Feel Old

Well, Easter was just fabulous.

Between the obligatory Colorado snow, the adorable outfits, great church service and (of course) the food, we had ourselves one fine day.

Because when you start the day with peanut butter eggs, things can hardly go wrong. And if they do, just eat more peanut butter eggs.

The meal, which sounded promising on paper, turned out to be just as amazingly delicious as we'd planned. Steaks were marinated and grilled to perfection, the bread was outstanding, and the cake was good. (I would give it a "great" but I think my chest/cough/cold medicine cocktail took away some of the flavor.)

The sleeper hit of the meal was the salad. Strawberries, pears, avocado, pecans, and blue cheese in a dreamy vinaigrette. Oh man, it was good. That said, Brad and my dad ate absolutely none because they were worried about their steaks getting up and running off. And Brad is careful to stay away from vegetables in general because they might rise up, join together, and retaliate against him in response to years of neglect.

But look! There it is! 

My other favorite part of the meal was setting the table.

As soon as I'm done with this blog, I'm going to put in a phone call to the nearest Senior Center so I can go hang with some gals who share my lame interests.

But seriously, I love a beautifully set table. The fresh flowers, ironed linens, classic china etc. Just ask Ethel and she will tell you how gorgeous and essential those components are to any fine spring luncheon. Then she will challenge you to a wicked game of shuffleboard.

On that note, check out these amazing napkin rings my mom brought me:

Not sure if you can tell, but they are just beautiful. I think they are made from actual vintage silverware. My mom found these little gems in Canton. What makes them cool is that they are Real! And NOT from Target (not to be confused with the napkins.)

Just like the Blue-Haired Beauties at Shadowcrest, I am a lover of fine place settings, so those sterling napkin-ring holders were just the ticket.

Lastly, here we are in all our Easter glory. Or at least our Forced Easter Photo Op.
Um, I am off to the gym.

Because I want to go.

Not because of the peanut butter eggs. 


Robin said...

The salad looks AMAZING, and I'd join you at the senior center any day.

Amy said...

I'm writing down the salad elements now... and I looove Lilly's shoes! You are such the perfect little All-American family :-) Have fun at the senior center! ac

Mandie said...

That salad...drooling over here!

Em said...

Love the napkin rings...we must plan a family trip to Canton SOON!! :)